Assembly Member for Pontypridd, Mick Antoniw has welcomed the results of a survey of 6,700 cancer patients in Wales, in which 93% say they receive high quality care.

The results of the second Wales Cancer Patient Experience Survey, conducted on behalf of the Welsh Government and Macmillan Cancer Support, highlighted a number of positive indicators, including:

• 93% of respondents rated their overall experience as 7/10 or more;
• 97% of respondents who had a choice of treatments said that their treatment options were explained to them;
• 90% of respondents rated the overall administration of their care as “good” or “very good”;
• 86% of respondents reported that they were given the name and contact details of their Key Worker.

Mick Antoniw said:

“This is an important survey, which helps the Welsh Government and Welsh NHS to better understand the patient experience of cancer care and treatment in Wales and drives improvement at the national and local level.”

“It is encouraging that Cwm Taf UHB residents were significantly more likely to rate the overall administration of their care as good or very good compared to the health board average [94% compared to 90%]”

“The survey highlights areas for continued focus, such as information quality, but overall this survey is very positive, which is a testament to the quality and dedication of healthcare professionals in Cwm Taf and across Wales.”

Susan Morris, Head of Services for Macmillan Cancer Support in Wales, said:

“Macmillan was pleased to carry out the Wales Cancer Patient Experience Survey with the Welsh Government for the second time as it gives us an in-depth insight into what people with cancer think about their care.

“The survey asked people about their experience from when they suspected they had cancer through to their diagnosis, treatment and end of care and we would like to thank the 6,714 people who took the time to answer questions about this.

“Macmillan believes having a good experience of care is as important as having excellent medical treatment and these results show us what is working well in cancer care in Wales and where improvements are needed.”