Mick Antoniw, Assembly Member for Pontypridd, Deputy Council Leader Maureen Webber, Treforest Councillor Steve Powderhill and Labour’s candidate in Hawthorn Martin Fidler Jones met at the site of the new Welsh Revenue Authority on Treforest Industrial Estate to welcome the announcement and the new jobs it will create.

Following Plaid Leader Leann Wood’s decision to use her recent conference speech to criticise the Welsh Government’s decision to base the new Welsh Revenue Authority in Treforest, Mick Antoniw and the local Councillors sent a strong message to Plaid that the valleys needs more investment and that the Plaid leader should welcome the creation of high-quality jobs in the valleys, not criticise the Welsh Government when it delivers them.

Mick Antoniw said:

“Locating the WRA in Treforest is part of Welsh Government’s plan to regenerate valleys communities. Plaid’s stance is both divisive and shameful. Plaid should be unambiguous about their support for job creation wherever in Wales it happens.”

Treforest Councillor, Steve Powderhill commented:

“Plaid can’t have it both ways. They criticise the Welsh Government for lack of valleys investment, then criticise it when it happens. Everyone should welcome the Welsh Government’s announcement that the new Welsh Revenue Authority will be located in Treforest creating 40 new high-quality jobs.”