A number of constituents have asked for my thoughts regarding calls to reopen Ynysangharad Park.  Here’s my view:

The next three weeks lockdown is going to be difficult. The weather will continue to improve .  We have some beautiful countryside , open spaces and parks around us where many of us take our daily exercise .

As we know Ynysangharad Park in Pontypridd was closed because of the flooding before the Coronovirus Pandemic and remains closed.

There have been calls for a review and to see whether the park should now be re opened .

My view is that it would be nice to do so but I think it would be a mistake to do it just now, right after the announcement of another three week lockdown.

It would dilute the Welsh Governments safety message at what is a crucial time in the battle against Coronavirus.

There will soon be a time when we can look at a gradual relaxation of the lockdown and a return to greater normality, but I suggest that now is not that time.

It would risk a flood of people from all around to the Park and t would divert much needed police resources that could be better spent elsewhere.

It is right for RCT Council to keep these issues under review . My contribution  is that right now is not the right time to re open the park.