Pontypridd Assembly Member Mick Antoniw has sent a message of support to young people who are taking part in the strike4climate march in Pontypridd today.

Mick said:

I’m sorry that I can’t be with you today, but I wanted to send a brief message to say that you have my full support.

The Welsh Government was the first in the UK to announce a climate emergency, which acknowledges that the world is in a perilous position.  By Marching here today, you are reminding governments, locally, in Wales, nationally and across the world that young people expect action on the environment before it is too late.

Your engagement in the environmental movement is perhaps the single most inspiring and important development in UK politics for many years.  We can take pride in the fact that so many young people are prepared to stand up and be counted.  They have become the environmental conscience of the country.

Good luck with today’s march.  I am with you in spirit.