Assembly Member for Pontypridd, Mick Antoniw has welcomed the passing of the Welsh Labour Government’s Trade Union Bill.   The Legislation means that certain UK government rules that work against the partnership between Trade Unions and employers, will not apply in Welsh public services.

The Bill reverses provisions for ballot thresholds in Welsh public services and maintains fairness and balance in workplace relationships.

It will also ensure that the common practice of negotiated and agreed facility time between public service employers and recognised trade unions continues and removes related powers on facility time reporting requirements.  In preserving partnership arrangements, the Bill also reverses conditions on the provision of check-off in Welsh public services.

Mick Antoniw said:

“This Bill is about protecting the longstanding good relations we have in Welsh workplaces and stopping UK Government’s attempts to foster conflict in our vital public services.”

“The UK Trade Union Act was unnecessary and introduced confrontation into the relationship between employers and workers.  It was not only an attack on workers, but on Welsh public services and the economy.

“The Trade Union Bill is an example of how devolution works for the people of Wales, ensuring that mutual respect and cooperation, which is the heart of social partnership, continues in Welsh public sector workplaces.”