In a speech today (30 December 2020) at the Senedd, Mick Antoniw, Member of the Welsh Parliament for Pontypridd has warned that the Tory Government’s Brexit deal by-passes Welsh interests and concentrates even more power in the hands of the Westminster Government.

The warning follows the publication of the UK Government’s EU Future Relations Bill, which has been allocated only one day’s scrutiny at Westminster and where the Welsh Parliament has been asked to give consent after receiving the Bill only twenty-four hours before.

Mick Antoniw said:

“The EU Future Relations Bill has been introduced to by-pass effective democratic scrutiny in Westminster and in the nations of the UK . The implications of the Bill and the agreement are massive. They impact on the exercise of power in Wales and the UK and concentrate enormous power in the hands of Government Ministers particularly in Westminster but also in the Welsh and Scottish Parliaments.

“The clock is now ticking on the future of the UK. With a Tory Government that has no interest in Wales, the Tories have become the hapless cheerleaders for the break-up of the UK which for them appears more and more attractive.

“It is now imperative that progressives across Wales and other parts of the UK come together to plan a new future for the nations and regions of the UK before it is too late.”

Commenting on the Bill itself, Mick Antoniw said:

“It’s only saving grace is that it provides Welsh business with a vital breathing space by allowing a limited degree of  frictionless free trade for the next couple of years.  The imminent impact on the Welsh economy of  an alternative of greater border restrictions and tariffs would have the effect of blighting whole sections of the Welsh agricultural and manufacturing economy.

“Aside from this it represents a very bad deal for Wales and the UK and yet again exposes the incompetence of leadership of the Tory Government.”

Watch Mick’s video for the full speech.