Commenting on the Welsh Government’s announcement to site the headquarters of the new not for profit body to run the Welsh Rail franchise and South Wales Metro in Pontypridd, Assembly Member Mick Antoniw said:

 “I have for a long-time lobbied for the establishment of the Metro and new railway lines and for bringing Welsh Government jobs closer to the valleys; so I’m pleased to have had the opportunity to contribute to developing this bold and exciting plan, which will transform Pontypridd.  

 “This is an extremely important announcement, which underlines the Welsh Government’s confidence in the future of the valleys.  It will bring hundreds of high-quality jobs and place our town at the forefront of the transformational Metro project.  It also shows what we can achieve when Welsh Government and RCT Council work together.

“I’m convinced that not only will the new jobs and increased footfall bring increased prosperity to the town, but that it will encourage further development in Pontypridd and the valleys.  There is now a real sense of momentum building on valleys investment and I’m delighted to have played a part in ensuring that Pontypridd is at the heart of both valleys job creation and the Metro project.”