Mick Antoniw AM has welcomed news that site preparation work is commencing for the Metro Maintenance Hub in Taffs Well, but stressed that measures must be in place to mitigate any disruption to local residents.  In a letter to Transport for Wales CEO James Price, Mick Antoniw said:

“I want to stress the concerns of many local residents on two important issues: the arrangements for traffic levels and flow, particularly at the Ty Rhiw junction; and the potential for noise and/or light pollution.  These concerns apply equally during the demolition/build phases and when the site is operational.

“I would be grateful if you could provide details of the plans to mitigate these potential issues, which I am aware have been highlighted during public consultations and would clearly have a direct impact on residents’ day-to-day wellbeing.”

Councillor Jill Bonetto said:

“It is vital that traffic management is spot-on.  We are already seeing queues at the four-way temporary traffic lights at the Ty Rhiw junction and we need clarity over how traffic flow will be managed throughout the lifetime of the project.”

Mick Antoniw added:

“Councillor Bonetto is absolutely right. Traffic management is key to the success of this project.  If it’s not done right, it could impact the whole of the village as a result of any issues at the Ty Rhiw junction to radiating out across local roads.  I will continue to press Transport for Wales to ensure that the inevitable inconvenience of a major project such as this is minimised.”